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Restore deleted iPhone Text Messages – How To

In this guide check out how to restore deleted iPhone Text Messages and Backup them

So you are the one who accidentally deleted a valuable message from your iPhone, which can make you a huge loss, or you are the one who is in search of iOS tricks then you can check here how to restore deleted iPhone Text Messages. There are many solutions out there to restore deleted text messages from iPhone but this solution is easy to use.

Restore Accidentally Deleted iPhone Text Messages:

Text Messages from your device can be deleted in many circumstances like when your kid is playing with your iPhone and he/she accidentally deleted the text messages, or your iPhone is corrupted and you lost all the Text Messages. If you are an average who uses Text Messages just for fun then this problem is not a big issue for you. But what if you are a Business Man, who uses Text Messaging to connect with clients, or let’s say you have accidentally deleted a message which can prove your friend or family member as innocent in court, then this problem hurts you.

So for you here is a solution, though there are many solutions this solution is easier to implement. In order to recover deleted messages we use a software called “Txt Saver”. This software actually saves your text messages using iTunes. Irrespective of whether the backup software is installed on your device or not, this software automatically backups all the data stored on your iPhone when you are connected to iTunes.

The “Txt Saver” software can be easily downloaded and installed and is available for both Mac and PC. Once installed the user can easily setup the software by using its simple to use interface, and the user can also select the folder where he want to store the recovered messages. However user needs to be careful for not deleting any messages after the backup is created and not to connect iPhone to iTunes, else the messages will be permanently lost.

Download: TXT Saver for iPhone/iPad