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Heart Beat Rate App – v1.4.1 Apk Download

Heart Beat Rate app is useful in knowing the heart beat without concerning to a doctor. The Heart Beat Rate app uses ones Smartphone camera as a heart rate monitor.

This is possible with the new innovative feature of image analysing which notes the blood flow in real time and gives the exact results based on the blood flow. The result will be direct and more reliable.

The process followed to get heart beat rate is quite simple and easy with the use of this app. After successful download and installation process open the app for fast Heart Beat Rate checkup. All you have to do is cover the entire camera with your index finger and the application computes your heart rate in real time. The pulse rate is displayed in a graph.

Heart Beat Rate Pro Features:

  • Real time heart rate calculation,
  • There will be real time pulse signal displaying,
  • Heart rate training zones during physical activity,
  • There will be Smart measure mode,
  • Saves the reading after calculation with optional comment,
  • Present of Settings page,
  • Excellent designs.

Download from Google PlayStore