Download Google Messenger v1.2.036 APK for Android- Latest Version

Google Messenger V1.2.036 is the latest version which recently Google rolled out. The update is a big jump from version v1.0 to v1.2 and the latest version can be downloaded from Google Play Store. There are certain new features added to the update- brings support for animated GIF and adds support for widgets in the lockscreen and the homescreen. Refer below for complete changelog of Google Messenger v1.2.036 update.

New Features included in Google Messenger v1.2.036:

  • Support for animated GIFs
  • Widget
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Google Messenger v1.2.036

The Settings options has also undergone big reorganization. The left two of the above screenshots are for the version v1.0 and the last right is for the latest version v1.2.

This is the major update released by Google for its messenger till its official launch in November last year. The apps includes various features like support for audio messages, emojis, colored text threads, message archiving and more.

If you have Android smartphone and doesn’t installed Google Play Store, then check the below link by APK Mirror for quick Google Messenger v1.2.036 APK download.

Google Messenger v1.2.036 APK Download

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