Find IMEI Number of My Stolen iPhone and Android handset  

How to find IMEI Number of Stolen or Missing Android and iPhone

Lost your Android or iPhone device and doesn’t know the IMEI number, then here we shared simple tutorial to find IMEI number of stolen Android or iOS handset. This IMEI Number is given to law enforcement agency which inturn trace or locate your stolen device. Owner of the stolen device can also block the smartphone after finding the IMEI number which prevents the thief from accessing the important files present in the handset.

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How to Find IMEI Number of Stolen iPhone:

1. Make sure that you have backup your device on PC, if yes then follow the below steps to find IMEI number of stolen iPhone device.

2. Turn on your PC and open iTunes.

3. Select preferences from the edit menu.

4. Select the device tab and here you will see the devices list which were backup earlier using iTunes application.

5. Just point your mouse over the stolen device name and there you will find the complete details which also IMEI Number.

How to Find IMEI Number of Stolen Android smartphone:

The following steps guides to find IMEI Number of stolen Android smartphone-

1. Open Google dashboard on your computer and login with the same email ID which was used on your stolen device.

2. Next from the list of Google services, select Android to proceed.

3. Here you will see the list of devices which are used against your Gmail ID.

4. Now select the stolen device from the list and there you go! All details regarding your device will appear along with IMEI number.

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