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How to Restore/Recover WeChat forgotten Password

It might be painful when you try to remember forgotten WeChat Password. We often forget our passwords for most of our accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, WeChat etc., but there are some solutions out there to help you out with the same. So if you are an WeChat user and had forgotten your password then you can now restore your password in few minutes, by following the below guide.

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This procedure also works for the people who have freshly registered for WeChat account and haven’t received SMS confirmation or Verification code. So let’s proceed to the guide, and have a look at what are the steps you need to follow in order to get your problem fixed.

There are two methods to reset WeChat Password, they are:

  • Reset WeChat Password by Phone.
  • Reset WeChat password by Email.

So let’s have look at them one after the other.

Reset WeChat Password by Phone:

If you are one who registered with your Phone number and you have the WeChat ID linked with your phone number, then you can make use of this method.

  • Visit WeChat website on your PC.
  • And look for Forgot Password or Account Recovery.
  • Now Select Reset Password via Phone.
  • Now provide your Country/Region and Phone number and click next.
  • Now a confirmation SMS will be sent to your phone. If you have received the code then click on “I have received the verification code” or else click on “Get verification code again”.
  • Now provide the new password and enter the verification code in the fields provided.

That’s it now you have successfully reset the password of your WeChat.

Reset WeChat Password by Email:

1. Visit WeChat website on your PC.

2. And look for Forgot Password or Account Recovery.

3. Now click on Reset Password via email.

4. Provide email address and click next.

5. You will receive confirmation mail, so check your inbox.

6. If you have received mail then click on “I have received the verification code” or else click “Get verification code again”.

7. Now provide the new password and verification code.

8. That’s it you are ready to go.

Do let us know in the comment section if the above steps worked for you or not. If they worked for you then share this guide on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

  • yong

    I tried this many times but never received the verification code. please help. Cheers Yong

  • Adam

    I think this is now out of date. When recovering a password by phone, it now asks if you’ve linked a bank card. If you have, it asks you for info about that card; if you haven’t, it asks you for your full name and official ID number. The latter part seems buggy, as the full name field has a very short character limitation and many of us signed up without entering any official ID.

    Any advice, now that they’ve changed the system?

    • Gary

      Have you figured out the way around the official ID?