How to Restore LG G2 to Stock Firmware

As we know that Stock ROM’s are not as good as they supposes to be, but in some cases we again want to have the stock ROM back. Suppose you have installed a Custom ROM which is in beta state and have found many bugs in that ROM or let’s say you have soft-bricked your device, then the need of Stock ROM comes in action. So for LG G2 owners here is the guide to restore it to Stock firmware.

List of supported devices:

  • LG G2 D802
  • LG G2 D805 (Brazil, Mexico, Panama)
  • AT&T G2 D800
  • T-Mobile G2 D801
  • Sprint G2 LS980
  • Verizon G2 VS980
  • Korean LG G2 F320K
  • Korean LG G2 F320L
  • Korean G2 (SKT) F320S

Before proceeding to restore LG G2, let’s have a quick look at some of the pre-requisites listed below.


  • Make a complete backup of all of your data including SMS, Call logs, Contacts etc., to avoid data loss.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device from the Developer Options menu.
  • Charge your device to at least 75%, so as to avoid any damage to your device.

Disclaimer: We should not be held liable or responsible for any damage occurred to your device for not following the steps properly. Proceed at your own Risk!!!

How to Restore LG G2 to Stock firmware

Download the appropriate firmware package for your device from the below links.

LG G2 D802 32GB V20D (Germany Open) KitKat Firmware

LG G2 D802 32GB V20B (India) KitKat Firmware

LG G2 D802 16GB V20B (India) KitKat Firmware

LG G2 D802 32GB V20B (Italy Open) KitKat Firmware

Canadian LG G2 Firmwares:

LG G2 D803 V20H (Telus) KitKat Firmware

Korean LG G2 Firmwares: Click to Download  [Mirror Link]

1. Download and install LG Support tool. Make sure LG USB Drivers is installed on your PC. Download LG Flash Tool.

2. Power off LG G2. Now enter into Download Mode, by pressing and holding Volume Up key and plugging it to PC using original USB Data cable.

3. Open the LG Flash Tool on your PC i.e., Double Click UpTestEX.exe. Now in flash tool under Select Type select 3GQCT and change the Phone Mode to DIAG.

4. Click on select kdz file and select .kdz file from the extracted firmware package.

5. Now click on Normal web upgrade test.

6. A popup window will open showing all your phone information.

7. Click Upgrade Start button.

8. After sometime another window pops-up asking you Language and country.

9. As country select Republic of Korea and in Language select English.

10. When the flashing is done your device will reboot automatically. And don’t forget to do a factory reset. HOW? Press and hold Volume Down + Power Buttons until you see some text, now follow on screen instructions.

  • Jordache

    I dont have uncapped or free access to internet, so have to pay for limited access. My question, is why after downloading the required firmware from one of the above links and starting the process, does it insist on downloading another firmware package or newer one if available? This is costly for me and I am quite happy with the one I downloaded. Is there no way around this? Please help… Using LG G2 D802 Open.

    • Can you please clearly explain what the actual problem is? Have u installed the firmware or just before installing the firmware you got the message to Download the another firmware package and what is insisting you to download newer version of the firmware. State it clearly.

  • Taimoor Shehzad

    I m a newbie here. My question is does my phone remain unlocked?

  • Darin Hunzeker

    I made a rookie mistake. OK, I am a rookie. I bought an unlocked phone sold to me as ATT. It turns out to be a sprint LS980 loaded with a cyanogen mod that makes it think it is a tmobile d801 which is now running on ATT. All is ok accept I cannot access LTE. Can I load the ATT stock d800 rom without bricking? By specs, it seems possible that all versions have same hardware. So, rom would be the only determining factor. I would like full access. I would like to avoid a brick.

    thank you,