XperiaFirm -Download Sony Xperia Mobiles Firmware for Free

XperiaFirm, a firmware downloader for Xperia devices is developed and it allows you to download the Sony Xperia firmware for all devices. This tool comes in handy as there are very less forums when compared to Samsung, HTC devices, which post the Sony Xperia firmware files. This tool is very simple to use and allows you to download the official firmware file for any region for your particular Xperia handset.

XperiFirm Tool

XperiaFirm Tool connects to the Sony’s servers for the latest firmware files, and shows the firmware files, that exists on Sony Mobile’s Servers. Once you have selected the CDA to download, it will download the official FILE_* files. XperiaFirm Tool can decrypt and bundle this file and creates a FTF firmware file.

XperiFirm Tool

This tool was developed by laguCool from XDA, so let’s thank him for his great contribution in developing XperiaFirm. XperiaFirm tool needs Java Runtime Environment and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or newer to run and function.

Download XperiaFirm

You can download XperiaFirm Tool from here.

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