KitKat ROM for Xperia E C1504 & C1505- Download & Update

Xperia E C1504 and Xperia E C1505 are the entry level device’s from Sony and they run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box and haven’t yet received any major updates since its launch. So we can’t expect this device’s to receive Android Kitkat update. If you have any of this device and looking forward to update it Android Kitkat then there is no other options other than installing custom ROM. So in this guide we are going to update Xperia E C1504 and Xperia E C1505 to Android 4.4.4 Kitkat using AOKP Custom ROM. This ROM is called AOKP Mesona and is a combination of AOSP and CM.

Xperia E C1504 and Xperia E C1505 to Android 4.4.4 Kitkat Root Xperia E C1505 Root Xperia E C1504

Pre Requisites:

Backup all of your data to a safe location, as we are going to install the Custom ROM which may erase your important data.

Ensure the battery level is more than 70% to continue the update process.

Enable USB Debugging mode on your Xperia device.

Check here for further pre-requisities


Gadgets Academy is not responsible for any dammage occurs during or after the process. 

Procedure to Update Xperia E C1504 and Xperia E C1505 to Android 4.4.4 Kitkat using AOKP ROM:

Download AOKP Android 4.4.4 ROM Package and Google Apps Package to your Laptop/PC. Extract the ROM zip on PC and copy the boot.img file from it, to the Fastboot folder.

Now copy the full file and Google Apps Package to the Root of your device’s SD card. Power off your device. Enter into Fastboot mode. To do so connect the USB cable to PC and hold Volume Up in your device and connect it to PC. Now the LED will turn blue.

Open Command Prompt inside Fastboot folder in PC. To do so open Fastboot folder in PC and press and hold Shift Key and right click anywhere inside the Fastboot folder in the empty space. Now from the list click on open command window here.

Now in CMD type: fastboot flash boot boot.img and press enter. It will flash boot.img on your device.

Now type: fastboot reboot and press enter. Now when your device is booting up, press power button or volume up/down to enter into recovery mode.

Now in recovery mode, select “Install zip from SD card” and choose the AOKP ROM package which you have copied on your device’s SD card and install it. Now again follow the above step, but this time choose Google Apps Package and install it.

Once done, Go Back and select “reboot system now”, this will boot your device into normal mode.

Once the device boots up you are ready to experience the Android 4.4.4 Kitkat on your Xperia E C1504 or Xperia E C1505 device.

  • Josh

    The kernal dosent reconise the screen

    • What are you trying to say explain clearly.

  • abhi

    what are the bugs and features of this rom. pls reply……

  • Sirjan

    After I flash boot.img the device doesn’t reboot. I tried installing using another kernel but I get an error message.

    • Install the Boot.img as said and after flashing, in CMD type: fastboot reboot, if it doesn’t reboot your device then reboot manually and boot into recovery and install the ROM and Google Apps package.

  • Aldo

    The link of AOKP is for Mesona = Miro not for NanHu = E.
    For AOKP for Xperia E, read here:

    • Thank you for informing us we have now changed the link. Keep Visiting 🙂

  • Twisty01

    after reboot the screen just freezes, any help?

    • Boot your device into Recovery Mode and clear all the cache, data and dalvik cache. Hope this might fix your issue.

  • sridhar

    how long will it take to load first time.. for more than 40 i am seeing AOKP with sparking animation.

    • Clear all the data and cache and reboot..It may fix the issue.

      • Hari

        Hi, thanks for the rom. But, what if that doesn’t fix the issue?

  • induraj

    before installing the root
    file clear the cashe ,dalvic(from advanced mode),data,
    otherwise it will brick your phone

  • Jay

    Rooting the phone was a success, but when I install the custom ROM (KitKat) I had problem with connecting to wifi, bluetooth and my data plan. Such a shame, it is working flawlessly apart from that. Might need to roll back to previous version again

  • hari

    Thank you. The system ui keeps crashing. Any advice?

  • Anang

    Hi, I have installed the custom ROM, but the bluetooth cannot be turn on and camera can’t connect, my device is Xperia E single C1505, any ones can help me? please..