Sony SWR10 wrist wearable gadget revealed at FCC

Sony SWR10 “BT Wrist Notifier”, is it Smartwatch or What?

A new Sony accessory has passed through the FCC in the US with model no SWR10. We actually don’t have the idea what this SWR10 is, but we can guess that it may be some kind of smart watch. As Sony’s second generation Smartwatch have not impressed the critics, the company is now trying to develop another Smartwatch.

The FCC has revealed that Sony is testing “BT Wrist Notifier” with model no SWR10, so from this we can get an idea that Sony is actually planning to develop wearable gadget, which might be Smartwatch. The documents from FCC also shows that the device packs NFC and Bluetooth and if it passes the commission, then it can’t be too far away from official announcement.

So let’s tuned, and we will be surprised to see a new Smart watch appear soon in the market. May be we will hear from the upcoming CES 2014 tradeshow, in the next few weeks.

So what you think this device would be, do let us and other readers know your views in the comment section.