Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Touchscreen is unresponsive- Fixed!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is Samsung latest flagship smartphone which includes some high-end specs and features. Like many other Android devices, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus touchscreen also becomes unresponsive which gets the users in trouble as there is no removable battery to fix the issue. In most of the cases, touchscreen unresponsiveness can be fixed by just removing the battery from the device.

As Galaxy S6 Edge Plus battery can’t be removed, it’s difficult to fix screen unresponsiveness issue. But nothing to worry about, as Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Touchscreen is unresponsive has been solved!

Samsung has made provisions for this kind of case and comes built-in feature called soft reset. We will guide you to perform soft reset on your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, if nothing can be done with the touchscreen as it is unresponsive.

How to solve Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Touchscreen is unresponsive issue:

Press and hold Power On / Off button on your device for about 10-sec long.

Now, the smartphone restarts automatically and you can use the smartphone normally with Touchscreen issue fixed.

Many of you wonders how a soft reset would actually fix the issue? To let them know, soft reset is the same act as removing the battery, which stops the power supply for a while and thereby solves the touchscreen issue.

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