Model Name / Number Price (INR)
Lemon Ocean1 2,999
Lemon Aspire A4 13,999
Lemon P105 6,399
Lemon P100 7,499
Lemon P11 2,850
Lemon P103 3,999
Lemon P101 5,499
Lemon P102 4,999
Lemon B169 1,021
Lemon Aspire A3 12,618
Lemon Aspire A2 6,849
Lemon LT29 4,339

The prices of above Lemon mobiles phones and tablets are gathered from various sources and mobile dealers in India. They are included with warranty and bill. Taxes are not included in the above price list as they vary from state to state. The above listed prices may vary as the Lemon mobiles and Tablets prices keep changing, we try to update this list once in a 6 months.