List of Top 10 Best Free Android Games of 2013

Top 10 Best Android Games of 2013 – list and details.

Google play has posted the top best free Android Games of 2013 and listed 10 games. The top 10 best games includes DragonVale, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Candy Crush Saga, FIFA 14 by EA Sports, Despicable Me, Plants vs. Zombies, Clash of Clans, Deer Hunter 2014, Into the Dead, Fishing Superstars.

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Below is the Brief info of the apps listed above:

DragonVale: This app is developed by Backflip Studios, INC. This is the most popular game which lets you build a community of Dragons. The fun part is trying to breed rare and seasonal dragons.

Asphalt8: Airborne: This app is developed by Gameloft. This is the most popular racing game and is similar to fast and furious. It is the racing game with ramps! Race, perform barrel rolls, and make 360 degree jumps along beautiful sceneries with high performance luxury cars.

Candy Crush Saga: This app is developed by It is the popular game for both iOS ad Android. In this game switch and match your way through more than 400 levels in the puzzle adventure.

FIFA 14: This is the popular soccer game developed by EA sports team and it has about 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 installs. You will definitely love to have this game on your Android mobile, if you are a soccer fan.

Despicable Me: This yet another game developed by popular game building company Gameloft. This is the endless run type adventure game with different locayions etc.

Plant vs. Zombies: This is another popular game developed by EA Company. The sequel to hit tower defence type game in which you can arm your lawn with new types of plants to fight the un dead horde.

Clash of Clans: This game is developed by Supercell team. It is the Arcade and Action game, in which you are asked to turn a village into formidable fortress, keeping goblins and other clans at bay.

Deer Hunter 2014: This game is developed by Glu Mobile team and is an arcade and action game. In this you have to hunt for over 100 exotic animals in breathtaking sceneries.

Into the Dead: This game is developed by Pikpok team and is categorised under arcade and action. This game is reminiscent of Residental Evil series, in this game you have to survive from Zombies.

Fishing Superstars: This is the popular game developed by Gamevil Inc., and comes under sports category. This app is based on the competitive fishing. Challenge yourself as you try to reel in big fish like shark and blue marlin.

So which game do you like from the above listed top 10 free Android games of 2013, share your choice in comment section.