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Lenovo N308 All-in-One Android Computer Announced- Details, Features

Check Lenovo N308 Specs, features, reviews and price.

With the Start of the CES, the Lenovo has announced its first all-in-one Android computer, the N308. So Lenovo had solved the confusion of using the Tablets and the desktop might be same time. So this is the better move taken by the Lenovo in the developing field of technology.

The Lenovo N308 has 19.5-inch HD+ display and runs with Android 4.2 at launch. The hard drive of the computer is optional to 320GB or 500GB depending on the choice and it would also support 2GB of DDR3 memory as well.

Like all the normal desktops, the N308 comes with two USB 2.0 ports, headphone, a microphone and LAN jack. In addition the N308 also comes with a full sized wireless AccuType Keyboard and a wireless mouse too. The computer can be easily moved where ever you want with the support of battery having backup upto 3 hours.

The whole Lenovo N308 is powered with NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, not exactly the latest generation processor. The connectivity of the device includes both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so there will be no connectivity problems to face.

The unit has a thickness of about 1.3-inches and with the presence of Google PlayStore and Amazons AppStore you will have the full access of the Android applications with out any issue. The Lenovo N308 comes in both black and white varieties.

The Lenovo N308 has base price at $450 USD and going up from here depending on the options. The Lenovo has not specified the release date of the unit.