Install CWM Recovery and Root Xperia TX LT29i [How To]

Xperia TX LT29i is updated to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and the update is rolled out via OTA with 9.2.A.0.295 as the build number. So if you have this device and looking forward to root it, then follow the below guide. In order to Root Xperia TX LT29i we must first install CWM Recovery on Xperia TX LT29i. So let’s precede further to install CWM Recovery and then Root Xperia TX LT29i.

Install CWM Recovery and Root Xperia TX LT29i

Pre Requisites:

Backup all of your data to a safe location, so that we can restore the data if we encounter any data loss. Charge your device to at least 75%, to avoid it from shutting down in between the Rooting process, if happened it may brick your device. Enable USB Debugging on your device from the path Settings. Close and kill all the PC suits like Sony PC Companion.

How to install CWM Recovery on Xperia TX LT29i:

1. Download the Kernel with CWM Recovery from here to your PC.

2. Extract it to a folder and obtain Kernel.elf file.

3. Place the file inside the Fastboot Folder.

4. Open the CMD inside the Fastboot folder. To do so open the Fastboot folder and press and hold Shift Key and right click anywhere inside the Fastboot folder in the Empty space. Now from the list select open command window here. Power off Xperia TX LT29i.

5. Press the Volume Up key and connect it to PC. Now a blue LED blinks. This indicates that your device is in Fastboot Mode.

6. Now in CMD type: Fastboot flash boot Kernel.elf and press enter. This will flash the CWM Recovery on Xperia TX LT29i. Now type: Fastboot reboot and press enter.

7. Now your device will reboot, as soon as you see Sony logo and pink LED, press Volume Up to enter into Recovery Mode.