How to Root Lenovo S930- Simple Guide

Rooting brings your device to new state and gives access to root-only apps, new features to use and a long lasting battery life. After the root of Lenovo S930 you will bring VRoot and a superb Chinese root manager in your Smartphone. The performance of your gadget will be improved by VRoot and the other thing that it doesn’t mind is the Android version. That means Vroot is friendly with the entire version ranging from Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean).

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The rooting manager is not able to get you superuser, SuperSU or anything similar to that. But in this guide it will be shown steps which will flash the SuperSU on your phone.

Pre-requisites required to Root Lenovo S930:

  • Make backups of the device
  • Use a separate personal computer
  • Don’t flash a custom recovery on your device
  • Don’t forget to turn USB Debugging on

To begin the flashing of the VRoot, you need to find proper file for successful rooting and then follow the below steps:

  • Download the file on you PC. Click Here to download.
  • Then flash it after it is saved on latter
  • Then open the downloaded file
  • Now find out the exact steps to root your phone with it

Disclaimer: Gadgets Academy is not responsible for any damage to your device. Try the process at your own risk.

Guide on How to install VRoot tool

The installation of the rooting tool on your Lenovo S930 is quite simple. After getting rooting application on your PC, flash it on your device afterwards and then start the rooting process.

First step for installing rooting file on your Lenovo S930 is launching the Vroot and tapping “Next” and then clicking the “Next” again.

Now don’t forget to create a Start Menu Folder. After creating Start Menu Folder tap “Next”.

Next step is to Create a Desktop Icon and then go for next option for one more time.

Now the last step appears i.e, Finish button. Before tapping it unselect the launch root if you wish to not to launch the VRoot right after the finish process.

Instructions for Safe Rooting

The following instructions are to be followed for quick and smooth rooting of Lenovo S930.

1. Launch the VRoot and wait for the message to appear on the device screen,
2. Connect the phone in USB debugging mode,
3. After the comp deducts your S930, make sure the VRoot is still running,
4. Then you will see a pic on your screen and it will contain the name of the device,

5. Then look the ‘Root’ option button and tap it.
6. Then the process of rooting starts,
7. This takes 2 minutes of time and after that your device will be rooted,

8. Once seeing the message on the screen wait till the S930 reboot and then disconnect the device from the PC
9. Now the device is successfully rooted and enjoys the root-free apps and other features.

How to Flash SuperSU

If you don’t want to see the weird 1.0.4 Chinese root manager on your S930 follow the bellow steps:

  • Download SuperSU app from PlayStore,
  • Install the app and open it,
  • Select the necessary buttons when the app needs your permission,
  • Then select “OK” to flash SU binary,
  • Now freeze the Chinese 1.0.4 tool in titanium backup.
  • Then run again SuperSU app and it will be shown that your device Lenovo S930 is rooted and the SuperSU is present on device.
  • Dhiraj

    I tried it but super su apps is not installing after rootning my s930. I freezed my Chinese superuser.

    pls help me now what to do.?

    • ABJ

      Manually try to download Super SU app from Playstore, using the trick listed here and install it.

  • Rex

    Please help, after I rooted the device (lenovo s930) it always freeze like the reboot lenovo logo and then goes to lock screen. how can I fix this?

    • Try freezing the chinese SuperSU and install the English SuperSU.

  • chetan patel

    What is the process for unrooting ?

    • If you have rooted your device using Vroot application, then you can use the same tool to un-root your device.

  • Chetan Patel

    When i tried to install supersu after root, there wwassome conflict between super user and super su. And now mobile is unrooted again. What to do now?

    • First of all you have to freeze the Chinese version of Super User using Titanium Backup app, and then you have to install the English version of Super SU or Superuser.

  • chetan patel

    I frozon chinese version and installed super su. When I start the application, I have following prompt
    “The Su binary needs to be updated. continue ?

    than I click on continue.

    next prompt is….

    “If you have a custom recovery like TWRP OR CWM, that can be used to(try to) install the su binary. This is recommended for htc devices. How wouldyou like to install the su binary ?”

    two options are TWRP/CWM and Normal. Which one I should select ?

    • Select Normal option and proceed.

      • chetan patel

        I selected normal option. but the process ended with prompt “Installation failed.”

        Another thing to note. I have installed root checker. When I checked using it, it says that

        SU not found
        Root Access no access

        But titanium Backup says the root access is yes.

        Should I root it again ?

        • Try to un-root your device using Vroot and root it again and then install Titanium Backup and freeze the chinese version of Superuser app and then install English version of Superuser and update binaries and check for root permissions using Root Checker App.