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Flappy Bird Trick / Cheats to Score More in the Game

Flappy Bird Android Game Cheats and tricks – Guide

Flappy Bird, the arcade and action game which got viral for its difficulty in playing can now be cheated, so that you can score more in the game and beat your friends score. So if you are struggling hard to score more in flappy bird then you can now use the trick below to score more.

There are two tricks of flappy bird, check both of them below:

Trick 1: In this trick we slow down the flappy bird game, so we have more reaction time before we collided with the pipes. For this trick you need to have a rooted device, so if your device in not rooted then go and root your device. If your device is already rooted then follow the below steps:

  • Download the Flappy Bird Game from here or here and install.
  • Now download the Game CIH app from here or here and install the same on your device.
  • Now open the Game CIH app on your device and minimize it by pressing the home key. Now you will see a popup of the Game CIH minimize it by pressing back key icon in the popup.
  • Now open the game i.e., Flappy Bird and after the game loads up maximize the Game CIH popup and click on button with some horizontal lines and tap on decrease key to decrease the value of 1 to 0.5 any value you prefer.
  • Now in Game click on play and you will notice that the game runs slowly than usual.
  • That’s it now you have successfully decreased the speed of the game and now you can play it easily without colliding with the pipes.

If you don’t understand from the above steps then see the video below:

Trick 2: This trick is actually to fool your friends. With this trick you can set your High Score without playing the game, this means you can set your high score to even 9999 etc., In order to use this trick follow the below steps and this trick also requires rooted device.

  • Download any Root Explorer like Root Explorer, ES File Explorer etc.,
  • Now Open the Root Explorer and navigate to /data/data/com.dotgears.flappybird/shared_prefs and open the FlappyBird.xml file with text editor and in the 4th line you will see something like value=”xx”, where xx can be any number replace this xx with any number you want your high score to be.
  • Now save the file and exit, if at all any back up file is created then delete it or move it to another folder.
  • Now open the game and you will see that your best score is what you entered.
  • That’s it now you can bet your friend to beat that score.

If you don’t understand clearly then watch the below video: