What is EFS Data in Android? – Explained!!

Check here what is EFS Data in Android devices? How much it is important? What happens when it is corrupted? – Explained

Are you an Android user and in your regular dealing with your Android device you got in touch with a term called EFS (Encrypted File System) and started Googling to know about it, then you can get aware of it here. Normally EFS is a partition in Android where all the important files related to connectivity of your device are stored.

EFS partition or folder contains files related to IMEI, Wi-Fi Mac address, Bluetooth Mac address, Network Unlock information etc., which are very much important for the device’s connectivity to work properly. Imagine if these files are corrupted or got deleted, then you will not be able to make or receive calls, SMS, MMS, use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and this would be the worst nightmare ever.

The top reasons that are responsible for EFS Data corruption:

  • Installing Custom ROM, yes you heard right installing Custom ROM from unknown source can corrupt your EFS data. So always install ROMS which were verified by the developer or has positive response from its users.
  • Manually updating or downgrading your device to official firmware can also result in EFS data corruption. It does not happen mostly but rarely happens.
  • Installing corrupted Kernel or MOD.
  • Clash between old and new Kernel.

So before doing any of the above thing first of all backup your EFS data. It affects your device more as it will leave your device useless without Wi-Fi and data connection. You can just use your device to watch movies and listen to music etc., you will not be able to use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, browse the web, Download new games from Play Store etc., from this you can understand how much the EFS Data is important.

So I suggest you to backup your EFS Data before proceeding to do any changes to your device. I will soon post some of the methods to backup your EFS data, so stay tuned with us by Subscribing to our Email News Letter and following us on Facebook and Twitter.