Subway Surfers 2014 All World Tours Cheats- Download for Free

Subway Surfers, one of the most popular Android game is well know for adding various World Tour to its updates. A new city is added to its world tour whenever Killoo, the develop of the game rolls latest update.

Already downloaded Subway Surfers and wanted to double your game fun, then here we shared the list of different world tour with cheats for unlimited coins and keys. Players can get access to various characters and unlock various skater boards. Mission can be easily skipped with inclusion of unlimited money.

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We have seen many cities receiving the World Tour update, some of them are Vancouver, Tokyo, Miami, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Rome, Paris, Moscow, London, Mumbai, Seoul, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Cairo, Bangkok, etc.

Subway Surfers all 2014 World Tour Cheats

Check below for Subway Surfers 2014 cheats for Unlimited Money and Keys. Select your favorite city and click the download link.

1. London v1.32.0 Cheats

Modded APK

2. Bangkok v1.31.0 cheats


3. New Orleans v1.30.0

Unlimited Coins and Keys

4. Cairo, Egypt v1.29.0

Egypt Mod APK

5. Beijing, China v1.28.0

v1.28.0 cheats

6. Los Angeles, California Cheats v1.27.0

Los Angeles Cheats for Unlimited Money

7. Paris, France Cheats v1.26.0

APK Download

8. Sao Paulo, Brazil Cheats v1.25.0


9. Subway Surfers Tokyo, Japan Cheats v1.24.0

Cheats Download

10. Subway Surfers Vancouver Cheats 1.23.0

Vancouver ModAPK Download

Need other World Tour cheats apart from the above list, then do comment below.