Download Periscope 1.1 for Apple iPhone, iPad

Periscope for iPhone has updated to latest version which lets you broadcast live video to the world. So it will be very simple for all Android iPhone and iPad users to discover broadcast across the world. The following app will shows the map which in-turn shows the live video across the world.


The latest update brings the version 1.1 which adds new ‘Map’ section letting you explore live broadcasts from around the world on a zoomable map. This live broadcasts includes different countries of the globe. Users of the app has the option to see where exactly the video is being broadcast.

Periscope now has support to 29 languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Thai, Polish, Danish and more. The Periscope iOS application was launched in March and soon it received it major update which brings new features and improvements.

The following is the link to download Periscope for Apple iPhone

Periscope for iPhone, iPad