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Download Apple Watch OTA Firmware Files

The firmware of Apple Watch has been released as an OTA update for all the smartwatch users. The firmware is the modified version of iOS 8.2, quite similar to Apple Smart TV which uses the iOS firmware.

Coming to the Apple Watch, the 38mm Watch is ID’d as Watch1,1, and the 42mm has been given the Watch 1,2. The Apple Watch Firmware is divided into two separate builds- one for the 38mm watch and another for the 42mm watch.


“Nothing suprising – it’s running most of iOS 8.2 with Carousel instead of Springboard. Has a PowerVR SGX543 driver, so it’s A5-equivalent?” stated by developer Steve Troughton Smith.

Apple Watch OTA Firmware Files

8.2 (38mm) – Build 12S506 – f3413e6cf7588cf2cd19118ea334631f849e342e.zip (Pre-requisites: 12S502) – 107.81 MB

8.2 (42mm) – Build 12S506 – 24fabb43963f1af9d43e936d2f94991f56beb64c.zip (Pre-requisites: 12S502) – 107.83 MB

8.2 (38mm) – Build 12S506 – a422e27960044052dfcb31816337faf7b4ad4aeb.zip (Pre-requisites: 12S503) – 107.76 MB

8.2 (42mm) – Build 12S506 – 739967560163d659c6ecb362ef9700f7668dc889.zip (Pre-requisites: 12S503) – 107.78 MB

8.2 (38mm) – Build 12S506 – 651871c719d9192693a3c9a866edae880bb40dd4.zip (Pre-requisites: 12S504) – 107.57 MB

8.2 (42mm) – Build 12S506 – b2a3f4e878be8f2d8a844b4bea4d5488d9948fb6.zip (Pre-requisites: 12S504) – 107.59 MB

8.2 (38mm) – Build 12S506 – 9c213a15e22e51c9c7c0f0439d0b121eece66fbb.zip (Pre-requisites: 12S505) – 107.56 MB

8.2 (42mm) – Build 12S506 – 4b9abf3a8349c7c2dee772a011abe81e3ec6edd9.zip (Pre-requisites: 12S505) – 107.58 MB

As of now the above firmware’s are of no use for you, but as a developer this will be useful to peer into various frameworks which is included in the firmware.

Check here for more Apple Watch Firmware files.