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How to create Nandroid Backup and Restore It using CWM / TWRP Recovery

In this guide we will show you how to create Nandroid Backup and Restore It – Tutorial

Soft bricking your Android Smartphone is the most common problem observed these days. Soft bricking in Android refers to the software side of corruption and in most cases the soft bricked device’s can be recovered. On the other hand Hard Brick refers to the damage to the hardware and which leaves your device useless and we can’t recover Hard Bricked devices as they won’t turn on at all. In Soft Bricked device we will at least be able to boot into to Recovery Mode, but in Hard Bricked device we will not be able to boot into Recovery Mode as the device won’t turn on at all.

create Nandroid Backup and Restore It

If you are an android enthusiast or Android lover who always flashes Custom ROMs, Kernels etc. then you might have sometimes soft broken your device and in order to recover it, you might have flashed the Stock ROM back and cleaned all the data and wiped cache and it deleted all of your data. So here in this guide we have came up with an alternate method to recover your device from Soft Brick from Backup, which we create using CWM or TWRP Recovery known as Nandroid backup, proceed below on how to create Nandroid Backup and restore it.

Before we proceed make sure your Android device has Custom Recovery like CWM Recovery or TWRP Recovery installed, as we cannot create a Nandroid Backup using Stock Recovery, so you must has CWM/ TWRP Recovery installed on your device.

How to create Nandroid backup using CWM Recovery:

  • Boot your device into CWM Recovery Mode.
  • In CWM Recovery Mode, select “Backup and Restore > Backup” this will start backing up your device’s data.
  • For some device’s it will ask you to choose where you want to create a backup, whether you want to create backup on the internal storage or on external SD card.
  • To create a Backup on Internal Storage select “Backup to /sdcard” and to create backup on external Sd card choose “backup to /storage/extSdcard”.
  • The backing process takes some time so make sure you have enough charge on your device.

Restore Nanadroid Backup using CMW Recovery:

  • The process is same as creating a Backup, but instead of choosing Backup in Backup and restore, we have to choose restore. So go to “Backup and Restore > Restore”.
  • If you have created a backup in the internal storage then choose “Restore from /sdcard”, if created on external SD card choose “Restore from /storage/sdcard1”.
  • It will start restoring system files and data.

How to create Nandroid Backup using TWRP Recovery:

  • Boot your device into TWRP recovery Mode.
  • Go to “Backup > Check the partitions you want to backup > choose the location > choose Enable compression if you want > Swipe“.
  • That’s all it will create Nandroid Backup.

Restore Nandroid Backup using TWRP Recovery:

  • Boot your device into TWRP Recovery Mode.
  • Go to “Restore > select the backup file you want to restore > Swipe”.
  • It will restore the all the data and system files.

That’s all now you have successfully learnt how to create a Nandroid Backup and Restore it. Do let us know in the comment section, if you don’t understand any of the steps listed above on how to create and restore Nandroid Backup.

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